No doctor recommends the same treatment for all patients. No doctor prescribes treatment without running the right tests to reach the correct diagnosis.

When a health IT firm shows signs of sales pain and marketing sickness, wrong market and messaging symptoms typically manifest. Healthy marketing that delivers sales wellness and vitality is a simple formula:

RIGHT Market > RIGHT Message > RIGHT Media

If any of these marketing functions are out of balance, sales will suffer.

With today’s health IT buyers conducting 60% of buying decision research before involving a salesperson, a deep understanding of health IT buyer personas is a must.

Without testing messages in your market, it’s difficult to properly diagnose your sales pain. Testing buyer personas is the scientific marketing approach to achieve branding and positioning health.

A Proven Process Leads to the RIGHT Marketing Diagnosis

The approach is disciplined yet agile and flexible in practice.

It starts with a thorough understanding and review of the your brand and position, and buyer personas. Information, opinions, research and perspectives about your products/services and buyers are gathered.

An intensive half-day session with your key leaders is conducted. During this session, your customer profiles are identified. Long- and short-term sales objectives are discussed. Consumer insights, perceived client needs, barriers and expectations, competitive landscape, as well as your current sales and marketing approaches are examined.

Next, buyer story lines- what your health IT decision-makers need and want to inform their buying decisions, and how you can deliver it- are tested.

Testing buyer personas is all about focus, transparency, collaboration and iteration. From the beginning, the process builds marketing into your product with laser-focused ideas and tactics. Buyer persona testing takes your product past the point of simple brand perception to bake in long-term brand engagement. The results are two-fold: sales and daily, intimate experience between product and user.

Buyer Persona Testing Results in Buyer Story Lines: Customized Market and Message Diagnosis

Buyer story lines are expressions of success and value, told from the perspective of your clients based on the following elements:

  • The buyer’s situation,

  • The dilemma the buyer faces,

  • The aspect of your brand that will help their lives,

  • The specific benefit emotionally and logically that will solve their dilemma.

With the collaboration of your team marketing leaders, 8-12 buyer story lines are created, expressed verbally and visually in a “board” format.

Invest 15 minutes of your time on the phone. We’ll help you pinpoint what ails your branding and positioning. You’ll discover how the value of a strong, integrated brand and positioning stops sales pain. You’ll come away with simple prescription Action Steps for immediate sales pain relief.

Insights to self-diagnose your market and message.